Savoring summer

IMG_2273I just can’t say it enough – I LOVE summer. Simply put, the season makes me happy. Maybe I should add a little caveat. What I really love is sunshine on my shoulders, temperatures above 70 degrees, and clear blue skies. Coincidentally, all of these qualities converge during the summertime for us here in Indiana.

By my estimation, we are only ankle-deep in summer. We’ve barely stepped our toe in the water, but all around me people are trying to bury summer or at least put one foot in its grave. All around me, doomsday comments abound so much so that I have begun to collect them. Just this week, I saw an event at a local pool advertised on Facebook. It read, “Summer is winding down. Enjoy every bit of what is left of it.” What? We’re just getting started here people. I am yet to get my whole body in the pool.

Kids know it is summer. Here is an exchange I overhead a couple of weeks ago while on vacation. A parent who was obviously unhappy with the upper 70-degree temperatures (They were perfect, I might add.) in upstate New York announced to her family, “We should come back here when it’s summer.”

One of her small children said, “It is summer.”

Mom replied, “You know. I mean REALLY summer.” What she meant was the kind of summer we have been experiencing here this week where temperatures are in the upper-80s and the air is thick and towel-dripping wet. Something tells me that she would not like that either.

These are the days I do not want to be inside. Just as I did when I was a kid on Monroe Street, I like to stay outside until the lightning bugs come out or until mosquitos nip at my ankles – whichever comes first. Then, and only then, will I succumb to the air conditioning.

Earlier this week the end-of-summer sale catalogs started arriving. One front cover declared, “Last days of summer sale – 40 percent off.” For the record, summer is not about over. Nor are we in the last days of summer. The local Farmers Market does not even have a steady supply of homegrown tomatoes yet. So, stop it with the end of summer commentary. I, for one, do not want it to end before it gets started.

For those keeping track, summer officially started on June 20. As of today, we are 25 days in. Like I said earlier, ankle-deep. Fall begins on September 22. That is 70 days from now. I should have told that to my neighbor, this week, when she reminded me that summer is over in four weeks. Summer will still be here, even though school starts in four weeks. But, I will keep the faith.

My wicker furniture will remain in the breezeway until the leaves change colors and rustle in the breeze. I will come in when the snow blows and forces me inside. I will sit in my breezeway, like I did earlier this week, so to hear the bees buzz as they bury their bodies deep inside the hostas to suck nectar from the lavender blossoms. I will listen for my mail carrier to meet her halfway across the front lawn as she delivers a package. Hopefully, one of these days, she will take me up on my offer of a cold bottle of water before someone else beats me to the punch. I will enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the simmering because I remember the freezing of February. On to day 26, enjoy every minute!


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